Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Decorations

 So Martha Stewart totally took over my body yesterday.  I had a bunch of shopping plans and got a lot done.  I have multiple crafty project going already, but here's another one:  our card/letter garland.  I bought :
Clothes Pins: $2.37
Bundling Twine: $3.50
Clearance Christmas Stickers: $2.99

This is TOO easy!  Just stick the stickers on the clothes pins and hang on the twine.  Could not be easier.  The stickers may not be strong enough, I might add some craft glue if necessary.

 Couldn't resist the scent of the cinnamon pine cones at Home Depot.  (I was LOVING walking through Home Depot looking for cheap craft things!  Both the clothes pins and the twine came from there.)

The second project I've been working on is Baby Block Ornaments.  I got the idea from a cute shop on Etsy.  If you want to buy these you can buy them from Elephant Tales on Etsy .  
The blocks I bought from SunBeem Designs, also on Etsy.  I got 12 blocks.

12 2x2x2 wooden blocks (these are real wood)
White acrylic paint
Arlene's white glue (dries clear)
Scrapbook paper - need very little
Screw eyes (Home Depot again!)
1. Paint all 6 sides white, let dry.
2. Sand the edges.
3. Pick one corner and sand flat.
4. Insert screw eye into flat corner and screw in.
5. Cut paper to just under 2" square - I eyeball it with my paper cutter.
6. Glue paper on to 4 sides.
7. Paint with glue over top.
8. Let dry.
9. Write on top/bottom as you wish.
Super fast and super cute!

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