Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vacation - Two


November 9, 2010
I made it to a new state and a new airport today!  Bry and I have a mini-competition going to see all 50 states.  We're fairly even, but one locale he had me beat on was the Pacific Northwest.  I had never been to Oregon or Washington State.....but that was about to change.  One of my good Medical School friends, Katie, and her fiancee, Elliot, moved out here for Pathology Residency at OHSU.  When I was planning the trip to SLC I thought I'd just tack on Portland - and it worked out.  Her fiancee was able to take off of work to show me around both days I was there which was awesome.

Our first stop was the Rosarium - a lovely place even on a drizzly November morning.

The next stop was the Arboretum, within the same park complex.  We had a good time hiking through the gorgeous landscape while Katie skipped lectures.  We also stopped at a local mansion.

Alas, she had to go to work for the afternoon so Elliot and I dropped her off at OHSU. OHSU is atop a large hill overlooking the city.  The view is fantastic!  We rode the tram down the hill - it's free to go down but you must pay to go up - they didn't figure that we'd have an OHSU parking pass.  We left the car for Katie and went by foot to catch the streetcar - also in the free zone.  By this time I was starving so the first thing we did was to hit up some street food......

To Be Continued........

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