Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Portland Take 2

 View from the cable car going from OHSU to the lower campus.
 Street food......yum!

 Spicy BBQ Korean Pork - tastes like Filipino food.  Very yummy.  It didn't hurt that we got free samples outside too to lure us in.

 Quite possibly the BEST chicken taco I have ever eaten. La Jarochita got my vote.
 Elliot enjoying his beef taco.

 Chocolate Sandwiches at Addy's Street Car (as seen in the magazine).  It was very good chocolate - not super sweet, with olive oil and sea salt.  A nice dessert.
 Bike sculpture in downtown Portland.
 Back view of some street carts.
 The photo below is my new Mecca.  A ginormous bookstore with both used and new books.  Elliot and I spent almost 2 hours in this wonderful land..... and if we'd have more money we may have spent longer.  We both left with some goodies and then headed to the knitting store, KnitPurl.  Knit Purl was super cool and I was able to pick up a new yarn only carried at a few stores in the US, Shelter by Jared Flood.  More on that (and Bry's Hat) later.

 As seen on Food Network.....

 Ok, off to work.  Have a nice day!

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