Saturday, September 12, 2009


So hubby pulled through with dinner plans and we met up with Beth and Kiah on Brady Street. I had been wanting to go to this Mexican place for a while - and this was a great evening. Beth and I ordered the house Margaritas which were SUPER strong - an important selling point in my book. Kiah and Bry both had Mexican beers. We enjoyed the chips and two types of salsa - one was really sweet tasting and I think had a touch of cinnamon - delicious.
What we ordered:
Bry: sopa de limo, steak tostados - "Soup was good - a nice spice", the tostados were not to his taste - but when Abi tried them she found them fresh and delicious. Next time he'll stick with his typical order of enchiladas, but Abi was proud of him for trying something new.

Beth: Trout Tacos - a San Diego spin with trout dredged in blue corn flour and deep fried. It's served with a slaw on top that was not supposed to contain any cilantro, but, alas, it did, much to Beth's disdain. The rice was good.

Kiah: Duck Tacos - because that's what was on "Diners Drive-Ins and Dives". A nice change from chicken.

Abi: The shrimp tacos which were on special. They were nice and fresh, especially with some lime juice on top. The shrimp was good. I also enjoyed the black beans and rice that were served with them. The rice was nice and light, not tomato based, and not super sticky. I still enjoy my good ole plate of refried beans and rice, but this was a nice change.

So Cempazuchi - 1205 Brady Street, Milwaukee, WI - a nice place that I'm glad we tried. Will take some visitors back there too, I think, just to get the Brady Street flavor.


  1. Hi Abi, glad you liked the fish taco. I do know what a blog is. I also hope that your blog from Germany is more interesting than a play by play of your dinner out. Mom and Dad