Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Residency Graduation

This marks the official END of my formal education!

Preschool - Winona, Minnesota 1989
Grade School - Winona, Minnesota and Stevensville, Michigan 1998
High School - Michigan Lutheran High School in St. Joseph, Michigan 2002
Undergraduate School - Salt Lake Community College and Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah 2006
Medical School - Medical College of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2010
Emergency Medicine Residency - Medical College of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2013

It's been a long push since 1989.  I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks off!

 2013 Graduates
Sarah Brandt ~ Abigail Polzin ~ Bob Rogers ~ Erik Amoroso ~ Matt Borgo ~ Joe Hansen ~ 
Chris Mitros ~ Eric Hansen ~ John Meyer

 The class with Dr. Aufderheide and Dr. Tews.

Not only is this the end of an era, but it's also the end of my living in Milwaukee.  I have really enjoyed living in Milwaukee and think it is truly jewel of the Midwest.  It has some really lovely places, amazing restaurants, fun attractions and great people!  I took a boat ride with some co-residents to say goodbye to the city.

I am also saying goodbye to Froedtert Hospital.  I joked about it, but it really is a place where miracles happen everyday.  This is the ambulance bay (where I walked in for the past 3 years).  I did work in nearly every hospital in the city, but most of my education happened at Froedtert.  Many thanks to the thousands of co-residents, attendings and especially THE PATIENTS that have contributed to my education. 

Last official shift with Sarah Brandt.  June 30, 2013.

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