Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You May All Go To Hell, And I Will Go To Texas

New. Favorite. Quote. Ever.  We just finished our whirlwind tour of Texas and we all picked up a few souvenirs.  This quote was said by the infamous David Crockett - honorable member of congress who, upon NOT being re-elected, went to TX and fought against Gen. Santa Ana at the historic location in San Antonio, the Alamo.  (He died - why doesn't anyone every mention that part?  He died during the battle and is buried in the San Fernando chapel in San Antonio).  He said these words on the floor of congress as part of his re-election bid. Isn't that just the coolest thing?

Here are a few pictures from San Antonio and Austin.  I'll save Dallas and Fort Worth for another post.

 Austin, Texas
State Capitol

 San Antonio Mercado
Built in the 1700's.
Now houses the remains of Alamo Heros

 Some lonely and cold looking lilac blooms.
 The river walk - south of the city in the historic neighborhood.
Many gorgeous homes - here are a couple of shots we got.

 At the Alamo

 The riverwalk. Had it completely to ourselves since it was raining and 40 degrees out!

I will try to post about the restaurants we tried in another post.  We've also got the Fort Worth Stockyards and Dallas' Reunion Tower posts coming up. Plus, if you play your cards right, I may finish the giraffe and have some pictures to post. I may need to buy a pom-pom maker though since I need to make about 15 poms to finish it.

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