Saturday, January 14, 2012

Larken Abbey

Brand New Niece!
A little Christmas Present for us.  We just had a wonderful weekend celebrating her baptism and getting to enjoy some newborn time.  Of course, big sister, Liza, wasn't one to be left out and we had a lot of fun with her too.  Lots of cuddles, book reading, Barney watching, Goldfish eating, and more cuddles.  Of course, I wouldn't be happy without a photo shoot (or 3) - here you go.....
Pouty McPouterson
 NOT liking the photo shoot now.  Poor Liza.  I take pictures anyways....
 Hello, Larken.  Aren't you wide awake?

 Splish Splash

 REDNECK bathing - spraying down with the hose!

 Liza in her cowgirl boots.

 Aunt Abi had her hands full.

 Bry's Mom and Dan.

So we had a fun trip to MN.
Stay tuned for more updates from us coming soon...

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