Monday, September 12, 2011

 Well we have been a little busy lately.  We had a wedding for our good friend Jason and his new bride (and our new friend) Katie in Salida, CO.  That was a good way to spend the Labor Day holiday - hiking with friends in the beautiful mountains.  Of course, now Bry is determined to move to Colorado. 
  When we got back from that trip we had a week to get ready for the Resident Retreat which involved camping overnight.  It was a lot of fun to spend time outside of work with the other Emergency Medicine Residents.  Saturday brought more retreat time for Abi and Bry went down to IL to watch SDSU play a football game (let's not talk about the outcome of the game though....)

I wanted to post that I HAVE been crafty in the meantime.  I finished some knitting projects while on vacation (that I totally forgot to photograph) - but I hope that soon I will have some photos of an adorable 5 pound model (friend Devon's little girl, Grace) wearing those creations.   She's a tiny one - but that makes the knitting go faster!

This is my newest project for the week.  This is Courtyard Maze by Olive Tree Textiles.  I bought both the pattern and the fabric at a local Milwaukee shop, Drawstring Studio.  I had a day off and used it to go shopping at this Bay View store.  The owner is super friendly and helped me pick out the colors for this project.  I initially wanted to make the large size (66x77) but didn't have enough of the white scraps leftover.  So I am instead making the small size - I may decide to add a large border around it to make it bigger.  I have about 1/2 the blocks done (the total will be 20) and plan to piece it together tomorrow.  My mother has agreed to have it quilted for me (and do the binding....) if I send it along with my dad who is coming next week.  This seems like a good reason to finish it....

Another project that I have been on/off with is this embroidery sampler.  I bought it from Alicia Paulson at Posie gets Cozy. I thought the colors were delightful and this would be a good way to LEARN to embroider.  The instructions are super simple and easy to follow.  I am loving doing this when I am tired (gasp!) of knitting.

 A few simple hats I've recently finished.  I made up the cable pattern for this one myself (and screwed it up to....but no one else will probably notice)

 Super simple stockinette hat with a large  (3 inch) section of ribbing.
This is a custom order project for Alex.  She picked out the yarn and I am doing the knitting.  This is a scarf and I'm done with 1.75 balls of yarn.  She bought 4 but I'm thinking 3 might be just enough.  I need to get this finished by winter.  It is out of Staccato Sock by Shibui Color No. 153.
The pattern is lost right now - good thing I've memorized it though!

Speaking of quilts, I realized that I never posted about my first quilt.
She is already done and hanging on our railing.  The pattern is Urban Cabin by Terry Atkinson.  The fabric is a selection of fat quarter bundles SPA by Rosemarie Lavin for Windham Fabrics.
My mother graciously backed it, binded and had the quilt quilted for me.  It is kinda neat.

Recently I have found a few new quilting blogs.  I'm going to update my blog list on here if you want to check them out. 

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  1. May need to steal quilting patterns from you - especially love the one hanging over your railing. Oh, and my scarf is awesome, but I expect nothing less from the Polzin sweatshop :)