Monday, June 6, 2011

Day Off

Today was a totally necessary day off.  I started it out by sleeping in.....until 7 am.  That's a whole 2.5 hours more than normal!  Amazing.
Next I had coffee and worked on some knitting.  An awesome thunderstorm rolled in and a lazy mood was set for the entire day.  I did, however, manage to make it out to do some errands.  First stop was to buy Bry's Anniversary present which is now carefully stashed in the apartment until next week Tuesday.  Following that I made a trip to the new yarn shop in the area, Cream City Yarn.  The owner spent a lot of time chatting with me - admittedly I am NOT a difficult person to whom to sell yarn.  I walked away with a few that I'd been eying for awhile and some for my Christmas knitting.  Christmas knitting in June?  Yep.  I figure I can get a head start on it now.
Also on the To-Do list was a little cleaning up.  I actually don't mind it because I like the effects of a nice, clean apartment on my sanity.  I tried bringing up hiring Maid Service to Bry but he shot it down.  I think it would be nice to not have to worry about the deep cleaning stuff.....I'll work on him.
Along with buying yarn I made some effort to finish up projects I've had around the house.  Hopefully more will be done by the end of the night....
Destined to be a sweater.

Another sweater - to -be.  Some of the most gorgeous yarn I have every seen.  So happy that my LYS got 'Tosh in stock.  I have a standing order with the owner to let me know when they get their 'Tosh Sock back in stock (say that 3 times fast) so I can make a specific new pattern "crush" that I have, Kernal by Bonnie Sennot.

This makes me soo soo happy.

Some Wisconsin Grown Alpaca that I bought at State Fair last year.  i finally put it to use and am making some Christmas presents from it.  It is a HUGE amount of yardage.

 Finished Objects

Birthday Cake Hat by Susan B. Anderson
Yarn: Peter Pan

Hat: Poppy by Justine Tuner
Yarn: Encore Color Spun Worsted in Orange/Pink/Yellow Colorway
Bought the yarn in Dickinson, North Dakota at Dakota Sew and So
Made for: Riley V.

I'll also post some photos of the amazing Saturday we had.  Lots of cleaning, then lots of shopping, then lots of cooking, and lots of playing with my nephew. 
Almost walking....

T. R. O. U. B. L. E

MMMM, S'Mores

?Flat Marshmallow? These things didn't quite deliver.  I don't personally mind smushing down the regular 'shmallows when making S'Mores.  These square ones fell off the skewers more easily and you really needed 2 or more to get the correct ratio.
Grilled Veggies
A la Martha Stewart - a fruit bowl made out of a watermelon.
Pork Chops and Chicken.  Not pictured was Shrimp, Brats and Hamburgers.  I forgot to make the hot dogs but nobody seemed to notice.  Thanks to Lindsey for putting up with me being a psycho blogger freak and photographing the food.  We had a great time enjoying the warm warm weather and eating a TON of food.

I had thought about splitting this post into 3 to make it look better if I posted more, but let's be real.  I work a 30 hour shift tomorrow and have a bunch of errands to run, wedding presents to buy, Anniversary present to wrap and more.  So enjoy the extra long post.

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  1. I did enjoy it. You're just lucky that Judy is making my supper now - otherwise I'd be very annoyed that I had to look at pictures of food when I'm so hungry.