Friday, October 2, 2009

Home Again

Well I am home again. I finally have some time to catch up on things with the blog.

Roy was safely delivered to Sheboygan on Wednesday afternoon, and is now in Tomah, WI.

But, of course, getting home was another thing all together!

We left Munich Tuesday morning (up at 5:30 am). We landed in Copenhagen, Denmark around 11 and explored the city on a bus tour for about an hour. Then we got out and walked around a little bit, made our way to the airport and arrived at the gate only to find out that our plan was delayed due to mechanical problems. We were supposed to leave at 15:30, but were told we would have to wait for another plane. I scrambled to find a pay-per-use computer to alert the folks at home (where it was only 9 am). We finally boarded the plane and had a very long 10 hours total on it, although Scandinavian Airlines was very nice and I highly recommend them.
We finally landed in Chicago at 8:00pm there (2 am for us). So, essentially, we had a 31 hour day that day! I was so tired but very glad to see Bry.

The Little Mermaid
By Hans Christian Anderson
Copenhagen, Denmark

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